Alertacam 3G Total Security Alarm with Images

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Is the latest development in the popular Alertacam A1 and B2 models. It is a TOTAL security device that works like an alarm with detection technology comprised of PIR and image sending via mobile network (2G/3G).

With intelligent motion detection algorithm that determines patented, no false alarms, motion detection by optical and PIR sensors. Now with a new lens of 5 MP and a 3G WCDMA module, once the motion detection, image capture sends them by email or MMS mobile network. Also offers SMS to notify the user possible cuts in the grid, double check motion detection, and even has a thermal sensor that informs demand above ambient temperature, etc. It allows her up with 25 external sensors Wireless.

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Alertacam 3G Total Security Alarm with Images

General characteristics:

  • It operates in the WCDMA network, HSDPA 3G high speed data traffic, with capacity to send alarm images in 5 seconds.
  • Camera with lens of 5.0 Mega pixels, high definition images 1280 × 768.
  • Multi-Channel Alarm: Allows sending notifications via SMS, MMS, direct email, and/or audio call.
  • Compatible with most email providers, such as: Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, private company email, etc.
  • Night viewing: 10pcs LED will help the camera take clear photos in a totally or partially dark setting.
  • Includes a powerful APP (for both Android and IOS) that is easy to use, which may be used to remotely control and manage all the features and services of your Alertacam, simplifying its operation.
  • Includes a rechargeable Lithium battery that guarantees its operation for hours in the event of an external power failure.
  • Applications:
    • Installation at home:
      • Surveillance of your home when you are absent.
      • It is installed near doors, windows and other areas that you wish to protect.
      • It protects your family and your belongings.
      • It detects accidents with fire and gas and sends an alarm.
    • Installation in other places:
      • In offices
      • In a factory
      • In a store
  • In your vacation home
  • On your boat, etc.
  • BTS monitor for the GSM operator

Technical specifications:

  • Input power adapter:  100V ~ 240V / 50Hz Output: 12V 1A DC
  • GSM band operation : 850/900/1800/1900MHz WCDMA / HSUPA 2100MHz (850/1900 MHz Optional)
  • Wireless sensor reception band: 433MHz
  • Maximum number of wireless sensors: 15 units
  • Remote control reception band: 433MHz
  • Effective distance of the remote control: 20 meters (wide area)
  • Image format: JPEG
  • Image resolution: 320 240, 800×480, 1280×768
  • Camera pixels: 5.0 mega pixels
  • Camera shooter: 68 degrees
  • Best distance for night shots: ≤5meters night
  • Detect PIR sensor distance: ≤5 meters
  • Listening distance: ≤5meters
  • Lithium battery (internal): 1200mAh
  • Battery standby time: 12 hours (depending on network)
  • Operating temperature: -100C ~ +450C
  • Storage temperature: -200C ~ +600C
  • Relative humidity: 10-90%, without condensation


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