Batman D2 Infrared Camera for Nature

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The Batman D2 infrared camera for nature (also called hunter camera or trail camera) is a monitoring device that is activated through a passive infrared sensor (known as PIR) in the event of sudden temperature changes in the environment caused by the movement of prey in a specific area. The camera takes pictures or makes videos automatically.

Among others, it includes the following features:

  • Camera for hunting and observing animals or incidents.
  • Indoor/outdoor surveillance: for home, office, warehouse, farm or public use.
  • Observation of wild animals / plant growth process.
  • For forestry services and the safety of public forests: to monitor and gather evidence against theft, illegal hunting, etc.
  • Any other tasks that entails collecting evidence.

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Batman D2 Infrared Camera for Nature

General characteristics:

  • Photo size: 1MP/3MP/5MP/8MP/12MP
  • HD Video: 720P@30FPS, 1080P@17FPS, sound recording can be turned on or off.
  • In “Camara+Video” mode, the camera takes both photos and video if it is activated by an event.
  •  “Time Lapse Video: The camera can be programmed to take photos at preset intervals and automatically generate video files. It is ideal to capture the development of a building, how a plant grows, etc.
  • 48 LED IR lights, to choose from 850nm and 940nm.
  • 0.6 seconds to start up.
  • Integrated color screen TFT 2.4”.
  • Blocking important images so they are not deleted.
  • Consecutive and multiple photo shooting, up to 6 photos.
  • When the timer setting is activated, the camera only works during a specified period each day.
  • The PIR standby setting prevents the camera from taking photos of the same object multiple times
  • In the interval setting, the camera automatically and constantly takes photos/videos at specific intervals. This function is ideal for places without surveillance, such as parking, a patio, etc.
  • Date, time, temperature, moon phase and battery power can be recorded as a watermark on the photographs.
  • 7 operation buttons with “beep” sound available.
  • It supports SD-card up to 32 GB.
  • Extremely long battery life in the field (in sleep mode, up to 8 months with 8 AA batteries).
  • Alarm light flashes when battery power is low.
  • Plays videos in up to 8 speeds.
  • Auto playback on “Slideshow”.
  • The device number is displayed on the image file name; this helps users identify what camera captured what image when these are reviewed later.
  • It may be blocked and password-protected.
  • Color images during the day, monochrome at night. This option is automatically changed.
  • Design with serrated edge that makes it easier to set up the camera firmly.
  • Battery cover to prevent battery leakage erosion, which could damage the camera.
  • 9-rectangle grid mode and auto playback to view images.
  • The camera detects light through the sensor, rather than through a photosensitive resistance, thus offering a precise ISO and quality images.

Technical specifications:

  • Image size:

1MP: 12800×960
3MP: 2048X1536
5MP: 2592X1944
8MP: 3264X2488
12MP: 4000X3000

  • Video size:

WVGA: 640×480
VGA: 720×480
720P: 1280×720@30fps
1080P: 1920×1080@17fps

  • Operating mode: day/night, automatic
  • Lens: FOV = 50º, F=2.5, IR auto filter block
  • Flash IR: 82 feet / 25 meters
  • Adjustment IR: 48 LEDs; 850nm or 940nm
  • LCD screen: Color screen TFT 2.4”
  • Operating keypad: 7 buttons
  • Beep sounds: Can be turned on or off
  • Memory: SD card (≤32GB)
  • PIR level: High/Normal/Low
  • Sensitivity distance: PIR 82 feet / 25 meters
  • Activation time: 0.6 seconds (using a 2GB SD card)
  • PIR sleep: 5 seconds ~ 60 minutes, programmable
  • Number of shots: 1/2/3/6 photos
  • Protection: Partial or full block of all photos so they are not deleted, and unblocking
  • Video length: 5 seconds ~ 10 minutes, programmable
  • Camera + Video: first takes photo and then records video
  • Loop recording: can be on or off
  • Playback speed: 1 ~ 8 speeds
  • Slideshow: Yes
  • Watermark: can be turned on or turned off. Temperature, moon phase, logo, time and date, photo ID
  • Timer: Can be turned on or off, programmable
  • Interval: 3 seconds ~ 24 hours
  • Password: 4 digit number
  • Device number: code established by the user, can combine numbers and letters.
  • Power supply: 4xAA, expandable to 8xAA
  • Power supply external DC: 6V/2A
  • Current in sleep: 330μA
  • Sleep time: 4~8 months (4xAA~8xAA)
  • Power consumption: 160mA (+ 1 140mA when IR LEDs are on)
  • Low battery alarm: 4.6V
  • Interface: TV outlet, USB, SD card slot, 6V DC output
  • Assembly: tripod belt and fastening
  • Water resistance: IP66
  • Operating temperature: -22~+158ºF/-30~+70ºC
  • Operating humidity: 5%~95%
  • Certificates: FCC&CE&ROHS
  • Dimensions: 148x99x78 (mm)
  • Weight: 320g