GPS Radar detector Kaza DT 390 LIVE MTR

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The new KAZA 390 Live MTR is a state-of-the-art radar detector that has been equipped with a new antenna specifically designed to detect new MultaRadar CD (MRCD) Photo Radar at a great distance without producing false warnings. This powerful antenna increases sensitivity by more than 20% compared to the previous version. It works with a new processor that multiplies by 100 the filtration and detection capacity of radiofrequency emissions, optimizing detections in K-MTR and Ka bands and silencing false alerts. The new pulsating K band technology radars, also called MTR or MultaRadar CD (MRCD) Photo Radar, with intelligent multi-rail control are being strongly implemented in Europe. They entail more than 30% of the radars in Spain and more than 80% of the ones in Portugal, becoming the first model choice of the authorities. This type of radar is replacing the older Multanova (34.3) and it is equipped to act both in static and in motion, controlling several roads/vehicles at the same time. The radar detector and warning unit Kaza DT390 MTR LIVE is the only device in the market that offers a TRIPLE PROTECTIONS SHIELD:

  • GPS radar warning unit.
  • Exclusive detector antenna with MTR technology.
  • Connectivity to the LIVE Community with automatic updates (from the update website you can contract the Kaza SIM and enjoy the Live functions with coverage in all CEE countries).

It also includes a free subscription for 6 months extendable to a fine protection/appeal service for using the Kaza, with guarantee of reimbursement in case of fines, managed by Multalia.

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GPS Radar detector Kaza DT 390 LIVE MTR for MultaRadar CD (MRCD) Photo Radar

General characteristics:

  • 1) LIVE feature:

Connecting with the LIVE community entails no fees. You decide if you want to connect through a SIM and which one to use. We recommend our Kaza SIM card that is offered at an affordable price, since it was specifically designed for this feature and is already installed with your unit. The Internet connection option allows you to interact with the community of KAZA LIVE users, both to receive alerts reported by other users within a radius of 50 km, and to report the presence of mobile radars, as well as the Pegasus. It is the only detector/warning unit in the market with a real protection system against undetectable radars, via collaborative community reports. In addition, if you use the device connected to the Internet, the updates will be automatic and you won’t have to connect to a PC to update your database. The device also works offline, but loses the protection of LIVE warnings.

  • 2) Detector Antenna Function:

It incorporates a new 7th generation digital antenna by channels of Super K-MTR and Ka type with sensitivity increased by 20% over previous models. It is equipped with a powerful processor that is 100 times faster, which allows it to accurately scan all radar signals and distinguish real threats, minimizing false alarms to 0. K-band activation option with radar detection in K-band by MTR – Multaradar type pulses in all its versions, filtered in a section to minimize false alarms (24.100 Ghz +/-25 Mhz). Detects radars with emission of radio frequencies: police vehicles, mobile tripod radars, etc. with filtered KA-band to prevent false alarms (34.3 and new 35.5 Ghz). Laser Detector 360 from 800 – 1100 nm Antenna On/Off function, which can be activated / deactivated manually according to the legislation of each country, and automatically when the vehicle speed is less than 40 km/h. Exclusive real disconnection of Kaza hardware, without generating noticeable electrical radiation, making the product practically undetectable.

  • 3) GPS function:

Most updated database in the market, with extensive experience and contributions from thousands of users. Warns you of fixed radars, variable speed radars, possible mobile radars, possible undetectable Autovelox or LIDAR LASER radars, road section controls, radars in traffic lights, tunnels, dangerous road points, etc. Also includes INVIVE sections notified by the DGT.  This information will let us know the sections with speed surveillance intensification. 4 warning filters: detection mode only fixed radars and dangerous points, only fixed radars and statistics of LASER undetectable radars, detection mode fixed radars and mobile statistics, all available warnings (fixed, mobile, sections, tunnels,) police checks, dangerous road points, etc.) It can incorporate the database of Europe. Equipped with GPS, speed auto-limit and digital compass. Configurable in Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Catalan and German. Database update system using the PC without drivers. It shows the actual driving speed and the time. You can also set warnings to take resting breaks if you are driving

  • No installation required.
  • Flat and compact design to enhance the antenna signal reception and enhance invisibility.
  • Voice warnings.
  • Automatic reset of the warning message system if the radar persists during a long-distance detection.

GPS Radar detector Kaza DT 390 LIVE MTR for MultaRadar CD (MRCD) Photo Radar Includes:

  • Radar Detector and Warning Unit Kaza DT 390 LIVE MTR
  • 3 attachment supports:

Non-slip mat for dashboard Suction cups to attach to the windscreen Invisibility clip

  • Power cable for cigarette lighter with data modem.
  • User manual.

Regarding its legality, the Dispute Tribunal number 1 of Segovia has passed judgment by which carrying a radar detector should not lead to a fine.

  • “The Administration has to prove that it was used, not just that it’s installed”
  • In addition, the resolution stresses that it has not been established that the device placed on the vehicle is “capable of detecting radars”.
  • It also states that the complaint is based solely on the “affirmation of the Police Officer”. The assertion made by the complainant is not sufficient.

For this reason, the fine was annulled, suppressing the fine of 200 euros and the loss of three points. This resolution reinforces our version and strengthens the arguments of Multalia to appeal any fine imposed by traffic officers to Kaza users. You can read the news in the following link: NEW GPS tracking feature: Now, all KAZA devices with LIVE technology equipped with a SIM card (Kaza 110, 390) will be able to use the GPS tracking feature that will offer important benefits such as:

  • Follow the routes of your device from a PC or mobile in a simple way, identifying stops, etc.
  • Perform a search of your vehicle in case of theft, unauthorized use or loss.
  • During your journey, check all location data by identifying the coordinates and verify if you drive by a specific point, for example areas where radars has been identified, where mechanical incidents occurred, or to notify your insurance company in case of an accident.

We also remind you that some insurance companies could decrease the cost of your policy if you have a tracking device installed in your vehicle.


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