Kaza Update Service with Pick-up and Delivery

39,99 33,05 without vat

C.D.Products offers a database update service for your radar detector with urgent pick-up at your home and immediate delivery by messenger in less than one week.

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Kaza Update Service with Pick-up and Delivery

This service consists of:

  1. We pick up your unit at your home.
  2. Our technicians update your GPS with the latest database available.
  3. We return the GPS in less than one week. to the same address where it was picked up.

We recommend that your GPS is always updated. To keep the unit updated, the minimum period recommended between each update is 3 months. New radars are installed every week in Spain and Portugal in different locations and with different fine/penalty levels.

The price shown corresponds to the cost of the service and shipping in Spain. For collections and shipping to Canarias or abroad, please consult the cost of this service.