PENTALUM Flashlight

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LED lights generate the same amount of brightness as traditional bulbs, but using less power. LED is one of the best solutions for outdoors lighting. Some possible applications include: emergency lighting, fluorescent lighting, lighting of scenarios, flashlights, and security lights.

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General characteristics:

  • New flashlight concept, very light and practical, with an ultra-brilliant high-tech system of lights.
  • Cold energy. The LEDS do not give off heat and they do not expire. The light elements are practically indestructible.
  • Made of anodized aluminum.
  • Modern design. Reduced size. Light and compact.
  • With 5 LEDS that give off a bright spotlight of white light; high power and minimum consumption.
  • Average continuous useful life exceeds 100,000 hours.
  • Very easy to use. One ON/OFF button in the back.
  • It works with three AA type batteries, included with the unit.
  • Ideal to carry in your car, as a pocket flashlight, for home use or out in the country.
  • It complies with EC regulations.
  • Elegant and attractive display case for the point of sale. It holds 10 units.