Power DATA-MÓDEM GPRS cable for Kaza DT110 LIVE

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This power cable is used with the Kaza DT110 LIVE Radar Warning Unit and the Kaza TWIN LIVE Radar Detector.
Besides working as a power source for the unit, it also allows connecting to the Kaza LIVE Community.

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The power cable for the Kaza DT110 LIVE is 12V DC- 5V DC and it allows connecting the unit to the vehicle’s lighter.

It also includes a data modem to allow connectivity to the Kaza LIVE Community.You can receive real time radar presence warnings,and automatically update the Kaza radar database, as long as a SIM card is included. y recibir avisos en tiempo real de la presencia de radares, además de actualizar la base de datos de radares del Kaza de forma automática, siempre y cuando incluya una tarjeta SIM.