Rear camera for DashCam CDP 900 – 15 m

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The rear camera with a 15-meter-long cable is an accessory for the DashCam CDP 900 (only compatible with models manufactured after October 2016. To know the manufacturing date of your camera, see the circular label on the camera). Thanks to this accessory, you can enhance the functionality of the DashCam CDP 900. You will be able to simultaneously record what happens at the back of the vehicle, especially if it is a van or truck, given its length. Another recording option allows the camera to record only during reverse maneuvers, serving as a parking aid.

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Rear camera for DashCam CDP 900 – 15 m

The length of the cable of the rear camera is 15 meters.

To enhance the functionalities of the DashCam CDP 900, install the rear camera and you will be able to record the back of the vehicle while you drive, or use it solely during parking maneuvers.

If want the camera to record only while you drive in reverse, it must be connected to the light that indicates this maneuver.

The recording options are enhanced with this accessory, helping you drive and broadening your vision range.

Remember that if your camera manufacturing date is earlier than October 2016, it will not be compatible with this accessory. To find out the manufacturing date, look at the circular sticker on the camera or contact CDP.