USB Cable for Kaza Updates and Angel Driver

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With the USB cable for Kaza DT100/DT110/DT350/Blue/DT380/DT390 y DM480 and Angel Driver F5/F10/F15/F18/CONNECT updates, you can easily update your Kaza radar detector or radar warning unit. To start the process, simply connect the device to your computer with Windows operating system.

Compatible with all of the Kaza radar detectors and radar warning units.

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Required, to update Kaza detectors DT100/DT110/DT350/Blue/DT380/DT390 y DM480 and radar warning units using and and Angel Driver F5/F10/F15/F18/CONNECT, a computer. USB cable for updates required. This cable is included in the packaging of all items, but if it is broken or lost you can purchase another one.

The USB cable for Kaza updates is compatible with all models of radars and warning units of the same brand.