Wireless Panic Button

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Wireless remote panic button for the V90 Alertacam products. Once activated by the user produce SMS messages or phone calls to phones connected. Ideal to have on hand, in case we need to raise an alarm voluntarily. It is used in homes and stores in case of robbery or any emergency that we have. It requires no installation, works like a remote control.

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  • Plastic body.
  • Contact mode: COM, N / S.
  • Rated current: 300.
  • Rated voltage: (VDC) 250.
  • Battery Power supply: DC12V
  • Standby Current: = 5uA
  • Current transmission: = 15mA
  • Battery: 1 – 2 years
  • Frequency: 433 or 315 MHz
  • Distance up to 200 m.