Alarm Kit with photodetector ALERTACAM CDP HM800

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With the complete ALERTACAM alarm kit with photodetectors, siren and magnetic sensor you can easily install a complete and secure security system on your property. This innovative alarm allows you to install up to 3 photodetectors (wireless and battery powered) against the same SIM card connected to the host control panel. The KIT comes pre-installed so that the configuration is plug & Play. With this unique alarm you can request images, verify intrusions, and fully manage it with SMS messages, etc.

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Alarm Kit with photodetector ALERTACAM CDP HM800

Alarm system for indoors use, compact and economic with alarm verification by image, call and SMS. NO monthly FEES! You will be able to connect and disconnect the alarm using a remote control or the application for your Android telephone. You may view photos upon request from your Android, as well as receive images of any disturbance.

ALERTACAM CDP HM800 is a complete private security system with image verification for your property. Equipped with a SIM card (like a mobile phone) you may install it anywhere without requiring internet access or an ADSL router. Thanks to “its photo detectors” with integrated PIR sensor, it will send you images of any disturbance to your mobile phone. You may manage up to 3 autonomous photo-detectors with a single SIM in the main panel.


  • 1 main control panel host
  • 1 wireless photo-detector
  • 1 wireless siren for interior & exterior use solar powered
  • 2 wireless hand-controllers
  • 1 wireless magnetic sensor for doors & windows
  • Installation accessories and power supply

Main features:

  • GSM Quad band GSM850, EGSM 900, DSC 1800, PCS 1900
  • Screen in the main unit for easy menu access.
  • Alphanumeric keypad and function keys.
  • It supports up to 3 wireless cameras and night vision of NTSC800(H)x600(V) pixels
  • It supports magnetic detectors for doors and windows.
  • Support with SD 32GB card to store the images in each photo detector.
  • Outdoors and indoors alarm siren with battery and solar charging.
  • Wireless remote control to activate/deactivate the alarm.
  • It can store up to 3 alarm telephone numbers.
  • With the Android application you can activate, deactivate, or take pictures from anywhere in the world.
  • When the system produces an alarm, the image is sent to the mobile telephone.
  • It will also record the images of the card SD, in case you need proof or you have no phone connection at the time.
  • An SMS will be sent if there is no electric power.
  • Internal battery of 800mAh to continue working if there is a power shortage and adapter to AC.
  • Security password.