CDP T01 GPS Vehicle Tracker

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The CDP 304 Vehicle Tracker uses the most modern and advanced GPS, GSM and GPRS technologies. This device allows you to accurately track, monitor and protect your vehicle thanks to its remote alarm function. It also has a powerful GPS of UBLOX7 type with high sensitivity exceeding – 159 db, allowing the use of multi SIM cards to reduce network operator costs. Suitable for all mobile phone operators

This advanced device also allows you to send commands via GPRS from the APP once an Internet connection is set up, so it will not be necessary to send SMS or remember the commands.

Based on the existing GSM GPRS network and GPS satellites, this product can locate and monitor the vehicle via the Internet, without having to pay any fees.

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CDP T01 GPS Vehicle Tracker

General characteristics:

  • Monitoring via SMS or GPRS.
  • Point location.
  • Tracking in time intervals.
  • SOS button may be installed in the vehicle.
  • Microphone to hear what is occurring inside the vehicle.
  • Area control, to receive warnings if the vehicle leaves or enters areas that have been previously delimited.
  • Low battery warning.
  • Power outage warnings.
  • Excessive speed warning.
  • Internal rechargeable battery to supplement a power outage.
  • Motion sensor and vibrating alert.
  • Sleep mode to save battery life.
  • Relay to disconnect vehicle’s start-up or any other vehicle system.

Possible applications include:

  • Car rental tracking.
  • Fleet management.
  • Motorcycle journeys.
  • Monitoring merchandise.
  • Covert tracking of criminal activities.
  • Control of my vehicle, to locate it quickly in the event of theft.


  • Point location mode: easy tracking system based on SMS. Simply make a missed call to the tracker, and it will send an SMS to your mobile phone with a link to Google Maps showing its location.

This mode has various functions:
Listen function: capacity to hear the sounds surrounding the tracker.
Electronic fence function: the device will notify you if it leaves a predefined area.
Speed limit function: the device will notify you of any excessive speed.
SOS function: It will warn authorized users of possible emergencies.
Low battery warning function.
Vibrating alarm function.
Power outage function.

  • Defense mode: feature especially designed for motorcycles.

Motion alert.
It detects shocks or vibrations on your vehicle when it is stopped.
Alerts via SMS and call to the preset phone, alerting of the motion or hit suffered by your vehicle. Very useful for motorcycles, since cars sometimes hit them while parking and then leave without notice.

  • Tracking mode: by means of a GPRS connection, you can trace a route from a Web browser, on your Tablet and Smartphone. It has a free tracking software in the address.

Create a fleet control system.
Make a report of the routes taken.
Receive notifications of travel deviations or speeding, etc.
Obtain listings and reports.

Technical specifications:

  • Networks: GSM/GPRS.
  • Bands: 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz.
  • Chipset: UBLOX7
  • Sensitivity: 159 dBm.
  • Accuracy: 5 m.
  • Response time:

In cold: 35 – 80 s.
In hot: 35 s.
In operation: 1 s.

  • Power: 9-75V DC.
  • Battery: 3.7V 370 mAh Li-ion as backup.
  • Storage: -40°C a +85°C
  • Operation: -20°C a +55°C
  • Degree of humidity: 5%–95% without condensation
  • Weight: 85 g.
  • Dimensions: 94mm x 45mm x 10mm


  • CDP 304 tracker.
  • Cables and connectors for the installation.
  • SOS button that may be installed.
  • Microphone.
  • Relay.