Bluetooth Micro Finder CDP 002

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Discreet and practical miniature device that will help you to avoid frustrating losses (objects, people, pets, etc.). With Bluetooth connection of up to 50 m in an open space, you can hang it next to your keys, baggage, handbag, wallet, or even to place it on your pet’s collar, place it on children or elderly persons, etc. It also has other useful functions such as remote trigger for cameras to take selfies or family pictures, telephone finder, and location of lost object in map, call function, etc.

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Bluetooth Micro Finder CDP 002

General characteristics:

  • “Find telephone” function.
  • Intelligent search function.
  • Camera trigger function.
  • Notes function. You will be able to check the list of registered devices.
  • Call function.
  • Map location function (Geolocation).

Technical specifications:

  •  Material: ABS
  •  Weight: 10 gr
  •  Size: 40mm x 59mm x 11mm
  •  Battery: CR2032H
  •  Power: 2V-3.6V
  •  Frequency: 2400-2483.5 MHz
  •  Communication radio: Up to 50 m
  •  Stamp: 90dB
  •  Bluetooth: 4.0
  •  For IOS 7.0 and higher versions: IPhone 5/5c/5s IPhone6/IPhone 6 Plus IPad4/ mini/ IPad Touch
  •  For Android 4.3 and higher version: supports Galaxy S4/ S5/ S6/ Note 3/ Note 4


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