GPS CDP 101 Personal Tracker ultra-thin or anti-loss

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The CDP-101 GPS Personal Tracker or anti-loss tool aids you in all searching and tracking tasks. It incorporates the most advanced GPS, GSM and GPRS technology so it can be managed remotely via SMS or the Internet. It is ideal when you need to supervise children in populated areas, as well as for older people with disabilities, or outdoorsmen so they may be reached quickly in case of accident. It can also be used as to find personal objects, keys, laptops, luggage, etc.

Thanks to the design of the GPS CDP 101 tracker and its reduced weight and size, it can be easily carried even on a keychain.

The use of the platform or tracking App (available for iOS and Android) is free, no monthly fees on our part.

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The GPS CDP 101 personal tracker helps you find lost persons or items. It may be accessed from any mobile device, PC or Mac with Google Chrome or Firefox browser or an App, available for iOS and Android, to check the position of the tracker, route, etc. This product has been developed based on the existing GSM/GPRS networks and GPS satellites, so you can find and track your objective remotely through an SMS or the Internet. In addition, it includes a data-logger function that allows you to store tracking data when you are out of coverage. This data can be subsequently downloaded on to the server when you have coverage again.

It works without requiring fee payments, and the web monitoring and alert service is completely free.

General characteristics:

  • Tracking via SMS or GPRS.
  • Configuration of different tracking modes by time intervals.
  • Punctual tracking in real time.
  • SOS Alert.
  • Voice monitoring.
  • Alarm setup for area control.
  • Excessive speed alert.
  • Motion sensor.
  • Sleep mode for battery-saving.
  • Possible applications:

– Prevent the loss of people who carry the tracker.
– Help track and rescue people who carry out outdoor activities.
– Anti-loss system for personal items.
– Merchandise tracking, etc.

Technical specifications:

  • Protection: IP65
  • Network: GSM/GPRS
  • Bands: 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
  • Chipset: UBLOX7
  • Sensitivity: -159dBm
  • Accuracy: 5m
  • Acquisition time: In cold45s // In hot35s// In operation 1s
  • Charger: 110-220V input //  5V-1A  output
  • Battery: 3.7V 1000mAh Li-ion
  • On standby until: Autonomy 150 hours
  • Storage: -40°C a +85°C
  • Operation: -20°C a +55°C
  • Degree of humidity: 5% ~95% without condensation
  • Color: Black / White.
  • Dimensions:  50mm*50mm*20mm
  • Weight: 50g


  • CDP 101 Tracker.
  • Charger.