Rear Camera for DashCam Parking Eye – 5.5 m

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The 5.5 m rear camera is an accessory for the Parking Eye Camera for vehicles. With this accessory that works with the DashCam Parking Eye, you can simultaneously record what is happening behind the vehicle. Another option is to activate the rear camera only when you need to drive in reverse, so it helps you during parking maneuvers.

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Rear Camera for DashCam Parking Eye – 5.5 m

General characteristics:

The length of the cable of the rear camera is 5.5 meters.

To enhance the features of the Parking Eye Camera, as well as record what occurs behind the vehicle while driving or during reverse parking maneuvers, etc., simply install the rear camera.

If you want the camera to record only during reverse parking maneuvers, it must be connected to the gear indicator light.

There are more recording options with this accessory. It helps you drive by increasing the range of vision or fully recording your trips, from the front or rear of the vehicle.