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The Kaza triple protection shield. Maximum protection against fines

Triple Escudo de Protección Kaza

Kaza triple shield protection offers maximum protection against fines.

Complexity in the protection against fines due to the diversity of technologies applied for control.

Traffic systems to uncover speed violations are becoming more sophisticated every day. Measurement systems are found both on the ground and in the air.

In addition, the measuring instruments use various technologies, which makes the detection of these devices very difficult. Among the technologies most used by cinemometers you can find: radio frequency radars, laser radars, asphalt induction systems, optical speed section controls, laser aerial means, etc.

Given the number of systems used in speed control, it is only possible to be globally protected if you use a device that covers all or most of these technologies.

For this reason, KAZA is the only brand that offers the highest level of security in its warning devices and radar detectors. It offers a double or triple protection shield that warns you of all threats on the road with the maximum possible coverage.

Triple Escudo de Protección
What is the Kaza Triple Shield of Protection:
  1. It incorporates the most updated GPS databaseon the market, with daily real-time updates that warn of all types of fixed and possible mobile speed cameras. Our expert cartographers constantly work on the radar databases, adding all the variations that are implemented, as well as new additions.
  2. KAZA devices also incorporate a radio frequency emission detector antenna,perfectly calibrated and designed to detect with high precision and sensitivity all radars used by the police. Our latest generation MTR antennas allow detecting the new MULTA-RADAR radars with the ability to check several lanes at the same time and in all directions.
  3. In addition, the Kaza Live Communityis the most important in the Iberian Peninsula and in Europe. It is made up of hundreds of thousands of users who report in real time the presence of threats on the roads, including the Pegasus Helicopter.
Not everything is the same!

Not everything is the same, not even price!

The technology applied to a radar detector or warning unit is very important. You need a constant update of both the internal database and the firmware of the equipment. The software must evolve as changes are made to the drivers.

Kaza has been designing and adapting its products to the market for more than 15 years. This company has vast field experience and a database of hundreds of thousands of users, through Kaza devices or through our Kaza Live APP, allowing our Community to constantly grow and offering the highest levels of protection to users.

Trust Kaza. The Kaza triple shield protection offers maximum defense against fines. At KAZA, we have a wide range of speed cams warning units and radar detectors that will improve your confidence while on the road

El triple escudo de protección Kaza
El triple escudo de protección Kaza

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