GPS Radar detector Kaza TWIN LIVE MTR for MultaRadar CD (MRCD) Photo Radar

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The KAZA TWIN LIVE MTR radar detector offers maximum protection thanks to its exclusive TRIPLE protection shield. The combination of the Kaza DT110 LIVE radar warning unit, the KAZA DT 450 MTR detector antenna, and the optional connection to the Kaza LIVE community make it one of the most complete devices in the market

The antenna is equipped with the latest technological advances that allow detecting the latest MultaRadar CD (MRCD) Photo Radar.

In addition, the LIVE community formed by thousands of active users – who report warnings of mobile radars in real time, including the Pegasus helicopter – allow you to always carry an updated device.

The Kaza TWIN MTR LIVE detector and radar warning unit is the only device in the market that offers a TRIPLE PROTECTION SHIELD:

  1. GPS radar warning unit.
  2. Exclusive Detector antenna with MRCD technology.
  3. Connectivity to the LIVE Community with automatic updates (from the update website you can contract the Kaza SIM and enjoy the Live functions with coverage in all CEE countries).

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GPS Radar detector Kaza TWIN LIVE MTR for MultaRadar CD (MRCD) Photo Radar

The Kaza TWIN LIVE MTR Radar Detector consists of the Kaza DT110 LIVE warning unit and the Kaza DT450 MTR wireless antenna detector (without cables between the antenna and the unit), which detects new MRCD type radars.

This device can work without Internet connection, like the other Kaza models, but in this case you would lose a protection shield consisting of the LIVE community.

Use the device with a SIM card for Internet connection. This allows the device to always be updated, without requiring a constant PC connection. You will also receive real-time warnings of the presence of mobile radars and other traffic problems.

General characteristics of GPS Radar detector Kaza TWIN LIVE MTR for MultaRadar CD (MRCD) Photo Radar:

  • Function of the Detector Antenna:

Digital detector antenna through high sensitivity channels.

Configured for Spain and valid in Europe.

With innovative technological advances that allow detecting mobile radars, including those of MCRD type in pulsating K-band, as well as KA-band divided in two sections to reduce false alarms (34.3 and new 35.5 Ghz). Detection of Ka band, K band and LASER frequencies with possibility to turn on / off bands.

Auto-disconnect with the engine off to avoid battery consumption.

It includes a manual On/Off feature, which allows you to connect and disable the antenna to adapt the functionality of the device to the regulations of each country. With the automatic On/Off function, the antenna will automatically disconnect if you drive under 20 km/h.

The real disconnection of the hardware prevents generating detectable electrical radiation.

Antena Detectora de Radares Kaza DT450 MTR

  • GPS function:

Kaza’s own radar database that warns you of all radar types, including fixed, variable speed, possible mobile, section controls, radars in traffic lights, tunnels, dangerous points, etc.

European database also available through the downloading webpage:

4 warning configuration modes: detection mode only for fixed radars and dangerous points, only fixed radars and statistics of undetectable radars, detection mode for fixed radars and mobile statistics, all warnings (fixed, mobile, sections, tunnels,) police checks, dangerous road areas, etc.)

Voice settings available in several languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, Catalan and German.

Allows you to set speed limits and resting alerts.

Displays the driving speed (GPS), time, compass and distance to the radar.

Option to save and delete user points.

Adjustable volume and ability to turn off the sound of the detector antenna warnings below a selected speed.

  • LIVE function:

They incorporate an Internet connection option to interact with the community of Kaza LIVE users. This feature allows you to receive warnings reported by other users within a radius of 50 km, in addition to using 2 specific buttons to report the presence of mobile radars and sightings of the Pegasus helicopter. These warnings reach all the LIVE community users in the area.

The connection with the LIVE community is optional. The device is unlocked, you decide if you want to connect with the LIVE community via a SIM card (we recommend the KAZA SIM already installed and configured in your equipment). Without a SIM card, the device also works like a normal Kaza, simply without the LIVE functions.

The Kaza LIVE warning units/detectors are the only ones in the market that include a real protection system against Pegasus helicopters, via collaborative community reports that are constant and actively present regarding these threats.

Another advantage of Internet connectivity entails automatic updates.


  • Kaza DT110 LIVE radar warning unit.
  • Kaza DT450 MTR detector antenna
  • DC 12V Cable with fuse for antenna power supply.
  • USB Cable to update the database using a computer.
  • User manual.
  • Case to store the product (KAZA 110 LIVE warning unit).
  • Bag of supports and screws.
  • Magnet.

NEW GPS tracking feature:

Now, all KAZA devices with LIVE technology equipped with a SIM card (Kaza 110, 390) will be able to use the GPS tracking feature that will offer important benefits such as:

  • Follow the routes of your device from a PC or mobile in a simple way, identifying stops, etc.
  • Perform a search of your vehicle in case of theft, unauthorized use or loss.
  • During your journey, check all location data by identifying the coordinates and verify if you drive by a specific point, for example areas where radars has been identified, where mechanical incidents occurred, or to notify your insurance company in case of an accident.

También les recordamos que algunas compañías de seguros podrían bonificarle su Póliza al disponer de un equipo de localización instalado en su vehículo

We also remind you that some insurance companies could decrease the cost of your policy if you have a tracking device installed in your vehicle.



Ficha Kaza 450 MTR
KAZA nueva función de localización GPS



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