Radar Detector Antenna Kaza DT450 MTR for MultaRadar CD (MRCD) Photo Radar

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The Kaza DT450 MTR radar detector antenna is easy to install and was developed using the latest technology. It was especially designed to detect MultaRadar CD (MRCD) Photo Radar.

It must be used with the Kaza DT110 or DT110 Live radar warning units, where these devices will receive the antenna communication and issue the warning. Communication between both devices is wireless, and no cables are required inside the car. You simply need to install the detector antenna outside the front of the vehicle.

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Radar Detector Antenna Kaza DT450 MTR for MultaRadar CD (MRCD) Photo Radar

General characteristics:

  • The Kaza DT450 MTR detector antenna offers maximum protection, combining its use with the Kaza DT110 Live radar warning unit. In addition, unlike other detectors, in this case the product is hidden in the compartment, thus it is mostly unnoticed, avoiding theft, etc.
  • The Kaza DT450 MTR antenna offers high detection sensitivity.
  • It offers full detection for all the radiofrequency operating radars in Spain and Portugal, which are also the most common in Europe: Ka1 34.3 Ghz and Ka2 35.5 Ghz, Laser, VG-2, MULTARADAR in K Band – 24,100 Ghz. ±25Mhz permanently modulated.
  • The Ka band is divided in two sections to reduce false alarms (34.3 and 35.5 Ghz).
  • It does not require wiring to the Kaza DT110 or Kaza DT110 LIVE warning units (not included), its communication is wireless.
  • Possibility to display the frequency detected by the antenna on the screen of the Kaza warning unit.
  • Configured for Spain, but valid throughout Europe.
  • The Kaza DT450 MTR detector antenna has been specifically designed and configured to receive emissions specifically from the radars used in Spain and Portugal.
  • With combined GPS function for antenna filter by speed sections specially designed to drive in cities at low speeds.
  • Auto-disconnect with the engine off through inertial sensor, to avoid battery consumption.
  • It also features On/Off technology allowing you to shut down the antenna automatically below 40 km/h.


  • Kaza DT450 MTR Antenna.
  • DC 12V Cable with fuse for antenna power supply.
  • Bag of supports and screws.

Difference between a radar detector and a radar warning unit by GPS?

The radar’s detector antenna captures the existence of a radar by receiving radio waves (Ghz) emitted by the radar.

The radar warning unit by GPS warns of the position of a radar using the database it has incorporated, it does not capture a radar signal.

The radar detector antenna will detect the majority of radars, both fixed and mobile, since it detects the waves they emit. It is possible that in some circumstances the detector antenna “may have difficulty” picking up the signal of some fixed radars, especially the ones installed on porticos and Autovelox (laser). It is also true that the antenna can be subjected to interferences and issue false alarms.

The GPS radar warning unit can warn you of fixed radars with high accuracy, but not of mobile radars. In the case of the latter, it is impossible to predict their exact positioning in advance, and it is done only by statistical points where mobile radars have been previously identified.

Both devices used together offer greater security and protection while driving!

If you are looking for a trusted workshop to perform the installation, please contact us.

Antena Detectora de Radares Kaza DT450 MTR


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