Kaza LIVE Alert Smartwatch & International Warning Unit + Necklace

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Kaza LIVE Alert is the only vibrating sensory device designed to warn in advance of fixed radars and hidden speed controls on our roads. An essential ally that is ideal for all types of drivers, including those driving a motorcycle. Simple, discreet and comfortable, even under close-fitting motorcycle apparel.

Kaza LIVE Alert is a COMMUNITY WARNING ELEMENT that can connect in real time to our LIVE community via the KAZA LIVE APP, so you will receive thousands of collective community warnings that include the presence of the Pegasus helicopter and camouflaged mobile radars. In addition, the database is automatically updated.

Available for Android and iOS.

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Kaza LIVE Alert Smartwatch & International Warning Unit + Necklace

General characteristics

Entirely “hands free”, it will notify you in advance if you need to exercise precaution on the road. Its warnings in variable and progressive vibration mode will indicate when you must moderate your speed as you approach a radar-controlled area. Kaza LIVE Alert is very precise and reliable. The closer you are to an area monitored by a radar, the more frequent the warnings (vibrations) received through the wristband.

Furthermore, Kaza LIVE Alert can also work as a fitness watch. Paired with your phone and our FITNESS APP, you will receive accurate and reliable figures on calorie consumption, distance traveled, steps taken, sleep monitoring, etc.

Available for Android and iOS.

Main features

  • Radar Protection Mode

Fixed radar warnings via the permanent KAZA database.
PEGASUS helicopter sightings via LIVE Community reports.
Mobile radar warnings via LIVE Community reports.
Police control warnings via LIVE Community reports.
Automatic updates via connectivity to the LIVE Community.

  • Fitness Mode

Standard exercise function (steps, distance, calories).
Sleep monitoring (sleep quality, sleep time).
Incoming call reminder.
Smart watch alarm.

Technical specifications

  • Battery type: lithium polymer.
  • Sync mode: Bluetooth 4.0.
  • Screen: OLED of 2.18 cm.
  • Battery capacity: 50 mAh.
  • Water resistance degree: IP56.
  • Watchband length: 198 mm.
  • Watchband material: silicone.
  • Wrist clasp material: zinc alloy.
  • Weight: 21.5 gr.
  • Box dimensions: 8.5×14.5×3 cm.
  • Working temperature: -20ºC ~70ºC.

Included in the box

  • Kaza LIVE Alert Smartwatch.
  • Manual.
  • USB charger.


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