Front and Rear Camera (5.5 m) for Vehicles Parking Eye with Parking surveillance

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The anti-vandalism Parking Eye front and rear camera performs complete recording tasks in a vehicle, while in motion or as a surveillance device. The Parking Eye is equipped with an exclusive motion detection system by microwave sensors so you can detect any movement around the vehicle. It also includes all of the advanced features of a Dashcam, allowing you to record leisure routes, obtain evidence in the event of an accident, or help during reverse parking maneuvers with low visibility, using the rear camera option. It has been especially designed to record acts of vandalism that can cause damages to your vehicle while it is parked. Thanks to an exclusive and innovative microwave activated technology, you can detect a person approaching your vehicle to perform vandalism. Additionally, it includes a vibration detection function, which initiates the recording if your vehicle is lightly hit by another car during a parking maneuver.

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Front and Rear Camera (5.5 m) for Vehicles Parking Eye with Parking surveillance

Differences between a DVR recorder and the Parking Eye Camera?

The conventional DVR motion detection is done by image, this means that the camera must always be on and when it detects an image change, the recording is activated. With this system, plenty of false recordings are produced. The Parking Eye Camera has two radar sensors that allow performing active surveillance tasks against vandalism. They detect the person using microwaves, thus avoiding false recordings by changes in light, birds or other interferences. The two sensors, one in front and another in back, protect the vehicle in 360º, unlike other DVR which can only monitor the area in front of the camera. It also has a sensor by vibration, so it will start recording if someone hits the car. With the rear camera Kit option, you can monitor parking maneuvers on screen. You can also activate the rear camera during parking surveillance tasks, as well as establish dual recording in motion, both front and rear in independent videos, very useful in the event of a rear collision.

How does the surveillance system work in parking mode?

The sensor or sensors are equipped and operating approximately 30 to 45 seconds after parking the vehicle. When motion is detected, the sensor is immediately triggered.

General characteristics:

  • Recording road while driving even in independent Dual form if you have the rear camera.
  • Option to take a photo using the Parking Eye front camera.
  • Playback of video and photos on the screen.
  • Block video to use as evidence if necessary, etc.
  • Option to enable or disable audio recording.
  • Detection by vibration and starts recording if the vehicle is hit.
  • Detection by microwaves in parking surveillance mode when someone is too close to our vehicle, starts recording.
  • Help function in guiding reverse driving maneuvers with rear camera installation.
  • Storage: supports a card of up to 32 GB (not included)
  • View, copy and delete videos and images from a computer, when connected by USB.

Technical specifications:

  • Processor: AU3518
  • Lens: W8 1.8 opening
  • Sensor: Hm2131
  • DDR: DDR 256M
  • Flash: 2M BIT
  • Screen: IPS 5 inches
  • Battery: lithium 4.2V, thermostable at 80 ° C
  • Speaker: 8R, 1.5 W
  • Microphone: 4015 encapsulated, 42db(-3db)
  • Front camera: 2M
  • Rear camera (optional): CVBS
  • Voltage range: .8V-5.6V
  • Front camera angle: 140°
  • Audio/Video Format: PCM S16
  • Photo Format: JPEG
  • Storage and video compression: AVI
  • Screen resolution: 5 inch, 854 * 480
  • Active parking surveillance: Yes
  • Cyclical recording: Yes
  • Vibration reduction: by software.
  • Audio signal to noise ratio: 55db
  • Maximum video resolution: 2M
  • Rear camera connection: Yes
  • File block: Yes
  • Voltage: 5 V
  • Consumption: 680MA
  • Consumption in standby: 320UA
  • Operating temperature: -20℃ to +65℃
  • Size: 305x105x13.9mm





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